Body Piercing

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In order to make everything perfect, KS group strictly follows often-renewed market demands. Our business started back in ’89, and since then, with the start of a new modern century, a lot have changed, in fashion and in quality and production, but we never let it stop us. We can easily be labeled as an equal to European and US jewelry companies.

About Us

The biggest and most developed part of our company for the smallest and tinniest piece of jewelry – that’s how dedicated we are. KS creative and tireless employees are always finding new ways to impress you, carrying about every detail that is put on this piece, with impeccable taste. If you are looking for minimalist style or shinny and striking piece, we got both of them, and everything in between.

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The sector of our group that takes care of our important clientele, wholesale customers. It is our job to make your business grow by allowing you to choose anything from our wide collection you think is a fit for your own clientele. We have all you need in just one place and we do that job with pleasure, so your part can be easier.

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